How the aviation sector could benefit from aviation specialized cloud computing


Airlines are constantly struggling with massive quantities of data in complex environments, and for a seamless execution of ground and air operations, workers worldwide need to have access to essential data around-the-clock. Airlines also need support solving software integration into their cloud system. That is where Cloud service comes in, enhancing communication and efficiency and providing customized support to the next level. It makes sense that airlines are pushing quickly to integrate cloud computing into their IT systems particularly with cloud providers who have the expertise in the aviation industry.

So, what are the benefits that cloud service can bring to aviation? 


Airlines who use cloud storage services do not need to purchase and maintain on- premise servers and infrastructure. Since the cloud storage center will handle all the management and storage for their data. Additionally, airlines are alleviated with the burden to hire and manage the corresponding team of IT personnel. This way, the administrative and maintenance overhead is reduced significantly and airlines can concentrate on running their business efficiently.


Alongside their benefits, most of the cloud services come with an intuitive user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. If a file is saved in drive using a mobile device, it can be retrieved using a computer or any other device with internet connectivity.

For instance, airline personals such as pilots, flight dispatchers can always access the flight planning software on an app or on their desktop. The information is then continuously updated in real time via the cloud system which saves the hassle of sending email instructions each time there is an update. 


With the help of the cloud synchronization, airlines are able to access their data from any device from any part of the world. All that is required is a good internet connection, and there is no need to copy data from one device to another.

Also, if there are any changes made to the data or software, it will automatically reflect on every device which is synced with that storage service. To use the cloud storage service, airlines don’t need to be an expert or have any technological skills. Since the vendor is in charge of all the heavy lifting.  

If you find a cloud service provider who has an in-depth understanding of the work application in aviation, they will be able to pinpoint possible issues and quickly find solutions that satisfy the airline requirements.


One of the best points of using the cloud storage system is its scalability and flexibility. Service plan can be upgraded if the storage included in the current plan is insufficient, saving airlines the hassle to move any data from one location to another.

Quickly and easily adding or removing storage, and network services to meet the demands the workload is one of the hallmarks of the cloud service and the primary driver of its exploding popularity with businesses. Since most cloud solutions are scalable, you can sign up and start using them in a matter of minutes.

If your vendor offers both cloud services and IT assistance via agile customer service and around-the-clock support, this will free up necessary time and resources, allowing you to focus on what is more important for the organization.



Even with risks of cyber-attacks, cloud computing is often more secure than on-premise computing. Most cloud providers have more resources for keeping data secure than individual businesses do. Cloud providers keep infrastructure up to date and patch vulnerabilities as soon as possible, while a single business, on the other hand, may not have enough resources to perform these tasks consistently.
Additionally, cloud storage protects and supervises client’s data by saving it across the redundant servers. For instance, if one of the data centers gets collapsed, the data will be managed by the other data centers. In some cases, some of the cloud storage vendors keep the copies of the client’s data at the different data centers, so even if the data get lost or corrupted at the server, back up is possible.



No matter whether it’s a small or big airline, everyone requires cloud service to store data because data is power. The cloud not only provides better security for your organization - but overall can promote and improve efficiency, compliance, increase employee utilization rates and much more. CiRROX delivers a cloud web-based, flexible solution to support flight operators in their day-to-day operations thanks to independent and secure data centers located around Europe. 

What distinguishes CiRROX with the other cloud providers is that CiRROX is a specialized Airline Cloud Service with more than 10 years of operational aviation experience. 

Customers appreciate that they provide agile customer service and is always available for any problem or situation that may occur in their cloud infrastructure, since aviation needs to function 24/7 smoothly.

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