CiRROX directs various physical server systems (Clusters) in diverse independent data centers, all located in Europe (Germany, Estonia). The data center is all privately owned by European companies and fulfills the European Data Protection Laws (GDPR) 100%.

Each customer receives his/her own, encapsulated data center in the data center. On behalf of the customer, all his applications, the selected services as well as data storage are being installed on one or several virtual customer servers.

To protect the data from unauthorized physical access (break-in, theft) as well as virtual access (hacking) or act of nature beyond control (Fire, water) a series of substantial protection and security arrangements are executed.

All of this is monitored frequently by specific monitoring software. Bottlenecks or malfunction of hard- or software can be prevented in 99.9% of the cases. Updates, bug fixes, or notes are automatically imported into the system by the monitoring software.

The customer receives unique, private and encrypted access to the data center. The required client-software is ready for installation on PC’s, laptops, Smartphones or tablets. You are free and independent of where you can access to your data.


Our Customers favor the fact that our data centers are located in Estonia and Germany, as the security afforded by German data protection laws is widely regarded as among the strictest in the world.

  • 3-4 level access and authority control by physical access to the premises
  • Biometrics, key-cards, keys, fingerprint and/or PIN-code (depend on the location)
  • Video surveillance
  • Very early smoke detection systems
  • Automatic intergen fire extinguishment system
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Emergency power from diesel generators
  • Redundant uninterrupted power supply units
  • Data backup in a second data center
  • Supplier independent and high performance glass fiber connection for best-in-class data connection