Cloud Computing for Airlines - CiRROX

CiRROX is a dedicated airline cloud developed and run by airline professionals that have identified the advantages of cloud computing, particularly for small to midsized airlines and software providers.

With the CiRROX airline know-how, security and flexibility are guaranteed.

There’s no need for substantial investment into server hardware, software, licenses, or storage capacities. Reduce expenses for in-house operation, maintenance, energy, and data backup. Have the flexibility to decide what to keep in your own IT Infrastructure and what is most suitable to run in a cloud environment.


Having airline professionals in our team we know about the importance of a good IT support. Being able to identify sensitive areas of airline operations has been a key to our success. Our philosophy is to provide the exact same level of support we would expect ourselves. Our 24/7 support team will help with any request or problem.


  • Budget a fixed monthly rent and eliminate high costs for hardware, software, licensing and maintenance. Predictable, fixed monthly rent per user, core, storage space, etc.
  • The number of users, cores, etc. can be increased or decreased instantly
  • Economizing your IT budget with remarkable savings on your IT investments
  • Mobility in your daily flight operations. Define new working environments.
  • Access your applications from anywhere you like.