Cloud Computing in the Aviation Industry

Why do Airlines need aviation specialized cloud providers and what are the hurdles?


The adoption of cloud computing by various aviation and aerospace industries is growing at a rapid speed. New cloud computing technologies have been significantly impacting the airline sector by including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Policy engines, and Authentication as a Service (Aaas).


According to Canalys, worldwide cloud infrastructure spending grew 34% annually to US 53.5 billion in Q4 2021.

However, many airlines continue to rely on their own data centers. Additionally, several airlines have even shown resistance to adapting the cloud computing concept.


There may be a number of reasons, but one of the primary ones is that many airline businesses, particularly those just getting started or smaller airlines, simply do not have the capacity to host a whole IT division in their airline business. The investment and effort it takes to hire the right IT personnel who have the agility to understand the needs of the aviation business is more complex than it sounds.

Similar issues arise when airlines try to select external cloud computing services rather than hire an in-house IT team. When choosing an external cloud computing service, it is crucial to have a secure and functional cloud service, as well as one that is compatible with the everyday tasks involved in aviation.

Finding the right cloud provider who is knowledgeable in all of these areas can be challenging.



Despite the difficulties, the shift to the cloud has only accelerated over the past two years due to COVID-19, as airlines adjusted to changing economic and social dynamics, it seems the demand for integration capabilities, and agile work processes in the aviation industry will continue to drive airlines to shift to the cloud infrastructure.
With tech analyst, IDC expecting compute and storage cloud infrastructure to see a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% over the period 2020-2025, businesses that fail to adapt to the pace of cloud technology implementation may face an increasing risk of becoming restricted in the market growth and competition.

Who is CiRROX?

CiRROX is a specialist in the field of aviation cloud IT support based in Europe. They have extensive expertise for over 10 years in operational aviation and aviation-specific cloud IT services. Because of their high scalability and security, private clouds are the chosen option for many of our clients.

Speaking of private clouds, CiRROX offers a fully agile and personalized cloud that is easy to migrate to in just two weeks and has a flexible solution to handle everyday flight operations.

CiRROX serves the diverse needs of flag carriers, low-cost and start-up airlines, and midsized airlines, some of their customers are AIRBUS, Lauda Air, Poste Air Cargo (MistralAir), Olympic Air, and more.


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