Check out why CiRROX provides one of the best Airline IT Cloud Service in the industry

The first autopilots were used on airliners in the mid-1930s. By the late 1950s, electronic computers became small enough to be used aboard aircraft. In the years that followed, numerous improvements to the traditional paper-based method changed how pilots and operators handle the process of flight management. Nevertheless, the switch from a paper-based to a digital strategy, necessitates significant planning supported by adequate technology.

Since launching in 2012 and changing the name in 2020, operators throughout Europe have embraced CiRROX as their go-to Airline IT Cloud Service after careful analysis and evaluation. CiRROX, is run by airline professionals, making them an expert in airline IT services. So, with that, here are the top 10 reasons why operators select CiRROX as their digital flight management Cloud Service of choice in their efforts to streamline and securely automate the compliance process of flight planning, following and managing.

1.   IT and Airline Expertise

CiRROX is a Cloud service provider managed by airline professionals. Based on the accumulated experience of hosting airline applications for over 10 years, they have a deep understanding of what airlines require and how to best serve them.

Their qualified IT professionals are keeping an eye on your data and software to make sure everything is correct and organized while also protecting your hardware and software around-the-clock.


2. Cost effective

The IT infrastructure of an airline has to be exchanged partially or completely every 3-5 years. This implies high investment and operating costs. For small to midsized airlines, these costs are hard to shoulder. 90% of the cases, resulting in systems that are not fitted with the appropriate redundancy level and are only secured by backup processes.

By shifting to CiRROX’s Airline Cloud Computing Service, it will allow businesses to scale down on investment in their infrastructure and be able to concentrate their resources on core operations.

3. More Flexibility

Classic IT solutions within the airline environment are increasingly shifting towards cloud IT solutions as they are offering greater flexibility at a lower cost. Cloud computing provides a great deal of flexibility to its users because the customers are free to decide which services they need. With CiRROX, our customers have the flexibility to integrate just a single software or a whole suite of applications according to their needs.

This allows startup airlines to be able to scale up fast with the software and system in place. On the same note, larger airlines will also be able to quickly adapt to the unforeseen changes that arise in industry.


4. Database Security

In CiRROX, data security is of the utmost significance. To protect the data from unauthorized physical and virtual access, a series of substantial protection and security arrangements are executed.

All of this is frequently watched over by a specialized monitoring software on a daily basis. In 99.9% of cases, bottlenecks or hardware or software issues can be avoided. Updates, bug fixes, or notes are automatically imported into the system by the monitoring software as well.

5. Independent data centers, located in Europe

CiRROX manages physical server systems (Clusters) in independent data centers, located across Europe (Germany, Estonia). The data centers are privately owned by European companies and fulfills the European Data Protection Laws (GDPR). Since German data protection regulations are widely recognized as among the strictest in the world, our customers favor the fact that our data centers are situated in Estonia and Germany.


6. Communication and agility

CiRROX has you covered for everything your airline needs in one platform - scheduling, flight dispatch and many more. Not only does CiRROX provide 24/7 customer support, they take great care to listen to their customers and fix any problems or requests they may encounter.

Based on their airline operation expertise, CiRROX is able to identify sensitive areas of airline operations and provide prompt support.

This allows airlines to control their business processes to be in compliance with the regulations while enhancing efficiency.


Airline documents are becoming more difficult to maintain and manage, and with the amount of data an airline needs to hold for compliances and safety purposes,

legacy systems are sometimes not flexible enough to meet the demands of managing these documents sufficiently.

CiRROX platform is able to streamline systems, like your document management system, to a cloud environment making it safe, secure, and compliant to house customer’s data.


8. Cross Platform

Access your data from anywhere, on any platform. Manage and control company documents, itineraries, flight details across all your company devices. CiRROX works on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Windows devices. Bring all your work into one place with secure access from your computer, phone or tablet.

Also, a flawless, two-way exchange of real-time flight and maintenance data is ensured by connecting everything using CiRROX's end-to-end maintenance integration.

9. One App to Rule Them All

With the CiRROX Cloud platform, customers are able to operate different software from different manufacturers and would still be able to run them in on one data center. CiRROX provides service to integrate the softwares, and secure the data which is used to manage operations, such as Aircraft Scheduling, Crew Rostering, and Flight Planning. This allows customers to have a full picture across all vital compliance systems. The result, fewer apps and fewer headaches and increased efficiency.


10. Unlimited Users

All CiRROX commercial accounts come with the access for unlimited users, making it easier to reach everyone in the organization using CiRROX. The employee profile management tool promotes accountability with user controls to the various administrative tools. The company documents module refers to content available in real time, improving staff productivity and effectiveness.

CiRROX offers flexible solutions that effectively integrates flight operations and other data into one system.

This will enable teams to spend less time dealing with multiple applications and instead have them in one view. With CiRROX, businesses will acquire the operational tools and capacities of a major airline to manage all aspects of flight planning, scheduling, documentation, safety and reporting.

If this sounds like something that would suit you, contact us today.