5 Reasons Why Airlines Choose Professional Aviation Cloud Providers


Implementation of the Cloud has become a high priority in the airline industry. Cloud technology allows data to be stored, managed and accessed online from remote servers connected to the internet. Due to the ease of usage, Cloud computing has grown in popularity. The global cloud computing market is predicted to grow from $480.04 billion in 2022 to $1,712.44 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 19.9% in forecast period

It can be difficult to choose a cloud computing solution with so many businesses now offering it. However, an increasing number of airlines are deciding to use a cloud service provider that focuses on the aviation sector.

Here are a few reasons why the aerospace industry is gravitating more and more toward

cloud service providers with aviation knowledge.

1. In depth Understanding of Aviation

When choosing a Cloud provider, it is advisable to find a provider who has aviation knowledge and therefore can implement the aviation software features into the cloud platform. 

A good deal of IT cloud providers are specialized in IT and do not necessarily have the basic knowledge in aviation such as, managing and updating flight information and schedules, monitoring the flight’s progress, and alerting the flight crew about any hazardous weather conditions such as turbulence or thunderstorms that might affect the flight safety. 

When cloud providers have IT expertise as well as Aviation knowledge, they will be able to effectively support the airline’s comprehensive dispatch solutions and flight operations by providing efficient infrastructure for vital data integration, automating manual processes. This will ultimately help companies save time and enable them to focus on managing the flights.

2. Agile Customer Service

Finding a cloud provider, who has not only aviation knowledge but also provides agile customer service such that they can help the setup and provide direct support can be a big benefit to airlines.

While big cloud providers are not always reachable, aviation specialized IT providers can accompany you every step of the way to set up a fully integrated software cloud system. Such agile customer service and availability helps operators overcome numerous challenges quickly as they arise, allowing them to provide a comprehensive range of services to aid the efficient delivery of daily flight schedules while saving costs.

3. Efficient Airline Document Management

With an Aviation specialized cloud provider, airlines are able to break away from the expensive unsustainable paper-based system from the past and transition into a fully paperless airline operations which is economical and easier to manage. Flight dispatchers are able to access important information needed for each sector on a user-friendly dashboard to manage flights.

With documents such as Schedule of flight data, Flight briefing information and charts, METAR and TAF data and Crew and PAX information saved on the Cloud, the data can be quickly accessed, allowing better overview and communication in the team.

Aviation Cloud providers ensure your airline systems are fully connected and integrated with a stable cloud solution, which in turn will help reduce the need for paper-based flight briefing packs and help save time for flight dispatchers and the team. 

4. Easy Integration

Make sure that the cloud provider can seamlessly connect all your software from different manufacturers on one platform. Integrating other aviation system while sharing vital flight data, such as Aircraft Scheduling, Crew Rostering, and Flight Planning on the cloud can greatly improve operational efficiency and reduce errors. This will provide you a complete picture of all of your crucial compliance systems. As a result, there are fewer apps, fewer headaches, and more productivity.


5. Cost Effectiveness With More Flexibility


To partially or completely exchange the IT infrastructure every 3-5 years of an airline is a common procedure which requires high investment and operating costs. This can be hard to accommodate for small and midsized airlines. Resulting, in 90% of the cases, systems that are not fitted with the appropriate redundancy level. One of the solutions is to partner with a Cloud computing service which specializes in aviation, which will allow airlines to efficiently capture flight data and allow instant updates to improve decision-making.

By partnering with a Cloud computing service which specializes in aviation, it will allow for efficient flight data capture and instant updates.Dispatchers can have an overall awareness of the situation by monitoring the progress of the flight while using other supporting modules such as flight tracking, and instantly receiving important notifications all on the cloud platform. This will allow businesses to scale down on investment in their IT infrastructure while being able to work more efficiently on core operations.


CiRROX- Airline’s Choice for Cloud Service

CiRROX distinguishes itself from other cloud platforms by having 10 years of operational aviation experience, which allows them to offer greater agility when atomizing data and integrating cloud aviation solutions.

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